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TR900 Turbofan engine model (46cm / 18in)

TR900 Turbofan engine model (46cm / 18in)

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The TR900 Turbofan engine model is a desktop accessory that perfectly replicates the Trent 900 engine of the Airbus A380 aircraft. It is an ideal way for aviation enthusiasts to showcase their passion for the industry.

Upgraded version (with LED tail lights)


New upgrade: hidden powertrain
The power system can adjust the speed

Because the product is 3D printed, some details cannot be perfect. Please understand

Product production time is 4-5 days

Our original intention is to encourage aviation engine model enthusiasts to experience the fun of assembly and gain a deeper understanding of aircraft engine structure. Moreover, long-distance international transportation can easily cause damage to the goods, so bulk packaging is used as shown in the picture.

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