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Nikola Toy

NikolaToy™ Fire absorbing Stirling helicopter

NikolaToy™ Fire absorbing Stirling helicopter

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The overall design is characterized by Armed helicopter. Adopting rotor disturbance air cooling, exquisite and beautiful.
The overall engine is maintenance free, and the cylinder piston is lubricated with drip oil to minimize wear and prolong its service life.

Overall dimensions: length 210MM, width 100MM (rotor folding), height 140MM

Packaging size 190MM long, 110MM wide, and 140MM high

Speed range: minimum 300 and maximum 1000 (continuous running time of 20 minutes)

Weight: Net weight 0.7KG

Body material: aluminum alloy anodizing treatment, stainless steel

Attachment material: stainless steel, copper

Cylinder material: tin bronze

Rotor: stainless steel

Fuel: 95% alcohol

Cooling method: forced air cooling

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