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Nikola Toy

NikolaToy™ High tech electromagnetic coil accelerator

NikolaToy™ High tech electromagnetic coil accelerator

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In physics experiments, there is a ring accelerator. Initially, it was a device that artificially accelerated charged particles to higher energy levels. The circular orbit allows charged particles to repeatedly pass through the same acceleration gap, resulting in multiple increases in particle energy. This product simulates the demonstration effect of acceleration

Electromagnetic acceleration principle: This is the same as the principle of an electromagnetic gun. There is an infrared sensor in a section of the coil. When the sensor senses a small ball approaching the coil, the coil is immediately electrified, and the steel ball is attracted by the electromagnetic force to pass through the coil. After passing through the coil, the power is immediately cut off. The iron ball rolls down to the next coil due to inertia, accelerating in a cycle of faster and faster speed. The more coils there are, the faster it accelerates until a saturation speed is reached.



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