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Nikola Toy

NikolaToy™ Fire absorbing Stirling tractor

NikolaToy™ Fire absorbing Stirling tractor

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Product Name: Fire absorbing Stirling

Product selling point introduction: The product is made of aluminum alloy CN on a large area, ensuring good texture and quality. The overall appearance adopts this year's popular retro style design, powered by a vacuum ignition Stirling machine. The appearance and the sound of the engine during operation are both quite authentic and restore the characteristics of retro machinery. The four wheels are made of fiery red Tomahawk wheels, with aluminum alloy CNC precision carving.

Modular design of the entire machine, divided into three major assemblies: front axle, power, and rear axle, with a total of over 100 parts, all of which are manufactured through mechanical processing rather than mold opening to ensure the quality of the model. Equipped with over 100 stainless steel screws, the gearbox is the first manual all copper gear gearbox in China, with tight mechanisms and precise machining.

The steering gear structure adopts a fully simulated automotive rack and pinion steering mechanism, with manual steering and manual transmission, which greatly enhances the mechanical pleasure.

Gear combination transmission mode: two gears (D/N), shift lever backward to neutral, forward to forward gear

Main material: aluminum alloy, brass

Stainless steel surface treatment: anodizing

Weight: Net weight 1.2KG

Size: 22CM in length, 110CM in width, and 12CM in height

Packaging size: 29CM long, 19CM high, 17CM wide

Engine no-load speed range: 500-2500r/min

Fuel: anhydrous ethanol or 95% medical alcohol

Cylinder lubricating oil: 3000 mesh graphite lubrication

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