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Nikola Toy

NikolaToy™ MUSA 1/8 2.6cc Mini Single-Cylinder Gas Powered Motor 4-Stroke Engine Model

NikolaToy™ MUSA 1/8 2.6cc Mini Single-Cylinder Gas Powered Motor 4-Stroke Engine Model

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Product details

MUSA 1/8 2.6cc Mini Single-Cylinder Gas Powered Motor 4-Stroke Engine Model 2.6cc Upgrade


.Highly Realistic: This is a miniature gasoline engine model with an appearance design similar to a real diesel engine, closer to the authentic internal combustion engine. The difference is that it uses gasoline as fuel.
.Well-Crafted: The engine, with meticulously designed and manufactured parts, is mainly made of brass/aluminum alloy materials and features an evaporative water-cooling heat dissipation structure, resulting in a longer lifespan.
.Classic Elegance: With a vintage charm, the machine boasts classic body lines that faithfully restore the details of a real engine. Paired with a base for convenient placement and operation, it runs smoothly, showcasing the taste of model collectors.
.Outstanding Performance: Undoubtedly, it is an exceptional desktop engine model with impressive working performance that earns widespread acclaim. With speeds reaching up to 12000rpm, when you start it, it transforms into a powerful little beast of a machine!
.Exceptional Gift: This exquisite engine model with easy operations and fun is an excellent personalized gift for mechanical enthusiasts. Suitable as a desktop model for play and a fine collectible model.
.Ready to Run: The engine is fully prepared with a spark plug and ignition and only needs fuel and batteries to start running at any time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


.Material: Brass/Aluminum Alloy + Bamboo
.Weight: Brass Version 780g/Aluminum Version 825g
.Model Form: Ready to Run
.Displacement: 2.6cc
.Cylinder Diameter: 14.8mm
.Stroke: 15.4mm
.Belt Pulley Output Specification: O-ring with A Wire Diameter of 2-2.2mm
.Speed: 800-12000rpm
.Cooling Method: Evaporative Water Cooling
.Starting Method: Manual Start/Electric Drill Start
.Ignition Method: CDI Pulse Ignition
.Spark Plug Type: 1/4-32 UNF Thread ME8 Spark Plug
.Lubrication Method: Mixed Oil Splash Lubrication (Gasoline/Oil = 25/1)
.Fuel Type: 92# and Above Gasoline
.Oil Type: 2T/4T Engine Oil
.Starting Power: 18650 Lithium Battery *2
.Product Weight: 825g
.Package Weight: 1200g
.Product Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 12cm
.Package Dimensions: 18 x 15 x 13cm
.Packing: Carton
.Age: 16+

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