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Nikola Toy

Spitfire Magic Stick

Spitfire Magic Stick

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Flame paper

Wizard wand, gifts for Harry Potter Fans, highly restored magic wand in the movie, harry potter wand can shoot, shootable wand, Magic caster wand, elder wand, rechargeable wand
Five styles of wands, to choose your own wand, Interactive Wand, You will become a magic caster, show your magic to your friends and family
Made of high-quality material, Metal, thicken, tough&durable enough for long term use, colorfast, scratch-resistant, surface paint processing for a shiny appearance, smooth texture, The wand size is suitable for children and adults
Need to be used with special paper, included with purchase
Please read more details in description before use the magic wand. If you encounter any problems, please contact us

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