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Nikola Toy

NikolaToy™ TECHING 160PCS Metal Remote Control Tank Robot Building Kits Bluetooth Speaker

NikolaToy™ TECHING 160PCS Metal Remote Control Tank Robot Building Kits Bluetooth Speaker

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Product details

TECHING 160PCS Metal Remote Control Tank Robot Building Kits Bluetooth Speaker

Why Should We Choose This Robot?

App Control

The Teching team add a smart innovative main module to enable the smart robot to move forward and backward and rotate 360° via App control.

Unique DIY Experience

It takes about 2 hours or so to finish building this robot, which not only helps better understand how the smart robot works, but also gives you a perfect experience distract yourself from the stressful life.

Bluetooth Speaker

Having a nice little portable Robot audio device, we can take it with us and use our smartphones or other mobile devices to stream music or other content. And the SD card slot design allows you to save your favorite MP3 music files on the Micro SD card and play it directly from your tiny robot speaker.


Superior craftsmanship

All the 160 parts are exquisitely polished by professional abrasives. After taking research for a year and get many feedbacks from their customers, the Teaching teams try their best to show a realistic scaled modeling as much as possible.

What Kids Can Learn from Robots?

Hands-on skills

Children can assemble themselves as the difficult level is the entry level. (if your kids are below 10 years old, they will seek for the help from parents.)  They can operate their robots at any way they want and dance along with the robot while playing their favourite music. Not only does it provide the tools and resources to hone children to build and operate their own robots, it also teaches them that Robotics are made!

Be Interested In Engineering

The classic mechanical construction, with its clear transmission process, reveals a logical and powerful mechanical beauty.

Let your child experience the charm of classic machinery, from interest to love, from love to exploration, let machinery into the their cognitive world early

Problem solving skills

Children play independently on their own to improve problem solving skills and to develop independent thinking while building the robot step by step.

Concentration, Creative& Exploration

It can well develop children's concentration and awareness skills, create an opportunity for children to develop fun and creative thinking, and stimulate children's curious nature and active exploration.

 “Cultivate the culture of engineers, cultivate the spirit of innovation, let children think like scientists, explore and solve problems, let every child like creators to know the world. ”


.Product Model: DM518
.Material: aluminum alloy + stainless steel
.Coloring Process: anodic oxidation
.Number of Components: 160pcs
.External Power Supply: DC 5V
.Lithium Battery Capacity: 500mAh
.Charging Time: 2 hours
.Battery Life: not less than 30 minutes under full charge
.Bluetooth APP Remote Control Distance: 5 meters
.Bluetooth Speaker: built-in SD card for storing and playing songs
.Lighting: double eye turn linkage spotlights
.Assembly Difficulty: 2 stars
.Assembly Time: 2 hours
.Suitable Age: 10+
.Product Dimensions: 11 x 9.4 x 13.3cm
.Product Weight: 652g
.Package Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20cm
.Package Weight: 1000g
.Paking: high-grade metal gift box

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