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Toyan L200 Micro internal combustion engine - Gift set

Toyan L200 Micro internal combustion engine - Gift set

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About this item

  • High Simulation: This Engine Model boasts a realistic appearance with red sports elements, resembling a true engine, providing an immersive experience.
  • DIY Assembly: Enjoy fun and educational DIY assembly while learning the internal structure and mechanical operation principles of the Engine Model.
  • Wide Applications: Compatible with a gearbox, this Engine Model is ideal for mechanical artware, teaching demonstrations, and as a gift for mechanical engine enthusiasts.
  • Dual Synchronous Belt: With a timing structure featuring dual synchronous belt pulleys, this Engine Model operates at high-speeds with low risk of gear jumping.
  • Powerful Features: With an asynchronous crankshaft structure, short rocker arm, and brand-new signal carburetor, this Engine Model provides powerful, smoother, and more sensitive throttle respons
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