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Toyan L100 Micro internal combustion engine - Gift set

Toyan L100 Micro internal combustion engine - Gift set

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This engine has been assembled and can be started by adding methanol to the package upon receipt

About this item
ALUMINIUM ALLOY: This engine is made with premium materials, including aluminum CNC alloy steel crankshaft, high accurate piston rings, accurate ground cylinder, alloy valves, and high strength timing belt pulley, making it strong, durable, and long lasting.
POWERFUL MINIATURE ENGINE: The FS S100AT is a miniature 4 stroke single cylinder engine model that offers powerful and dynamic performance. Its powerful internal mechanism is designed to deliver maximum power with minimal effort.
ADJUSTABLE COMPONENTS: This engine features an adjustable carburetor system, adjustable ignition angle flywheel, efficient cooling fan, and a center mounted camshaft design, providing a high performance engine mechanism that is both highly efficient and powerful.

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